major revisions

I’m currently in the processes of rebuilding this website and migrating content to the new codebase. I’m interested in writing posts on some the awesome data science projects I’ve been working on; since I last updated the site my wife and I have had a new baby girl and moved across the country to the NY Metro area for a new job.

There are a bunch of awesome things I’d like to share that I’ve been working on,

  • Creating custom GUIs in Python by “hacking” Matplotlib’s widget tools.
  • Using genetic algorithms to fit your data faster and more effectively.
  • Creating animations in Python to visualize algorithms.
  • Ideas in technology and creativity
    • Reproducing painting masterpieces using Monte Carlo algorithms
    • Rethinking our electronic health records systems using machine learning and natural language processing
    • Using commercial kinetic energy storage as a means to handle demand response in energy markets.